Boosting Home Buyer Confidence - Survey Request

Boosting home buyer confidence

The province is seeking input on a builder licensing program to strengthen consumer protection in residential home construction.


On February 14th, 2017, the Government of Alberta and the Public Safety Division of Municipal Affairs announced a consultation on options for a builder licensing program. Right now, there are no specific qualifications governing residential builders in Alberta. While mandatory warranty, and the existing permitting/inspection programs provide supports to safeguard the safety and integrity of residential construction in Alberta, Government is interested in assessing the degree to which additional mechanisms under a builder licensing program could enhance or provide increased support. The goal of a builder licensing program is to ensure home buyers know that a home is built by a company that is knowledgeable in home-construction and financially viable, minimizing potential risks to the homeowner.


Municipalities, SCO’s, individuals involved in residential construction and the safety system, as well as members of the public are invited to share their perspectives in an online survey. The survey is open until March 14 and focus groups will also be held in February and March of this year. Results of the consultation will be posted on the Municipal Affairs website through a “what we heard” document.


Municipal Affairs is encouraging participation in the survey by our safety system partners in order to consider a broad range of perspectives, and to support an insightful, well-considered dialogue on this issue. We look forward to your participation.