Labour Relations Committee

Labour Relations Chair

Brian Halina - Chemco Electrical Contractors Ltd.

Vice Chair

Brent Connell, PEC - Edmonton Electric

Labour Relations Coordinator

Tim Brower, ECAA Labour Relations Coordinator -

Contractor President/General Manager

Shawn Campbell, President/General Manager - BFI Constructors Ltd

Education Trust Fund Trustee & Contractor Labour Relations Manager

Jim Clarke - Bantrel Constructors

Contactor Owner/President

Gerry Demers Jr., PEC - Demelco Electric

Contractor Electrical Division Manager

Sam Emke, -

Contractor Turnaround Manager

John Fradette, Contractor Turnaround Manage -

Contractor Vice President

Steve Jardine - NorCan Electric Inc.

Contractor General Manager

Rob Kinsey - Cdn. Power PAC

Contractor Operations Manager

Brad Lane, Chief Estimator - Western Electrical Management Ltd.

Contractor Executive Vice President

Terry Milot - Chemco Electrical Contractors Ltd.

Contractor Director of Operations

Warren Stein - Laird Electric Inc./ Stuart Olson

Pension Fund & Health & Welfare Fund Trustee

Arthur Thormann -

Contractor Site Operations Manager

Ryan Wismer - Tracer Field Services Canada Ltd.

Contractor Owner/Operator

Shawn Woon - Fisher Powerline Construction Ltd.

Senior Manager Industrial Relations

Mike Yorke, Sr Manager Business & Human Resources - Fluor Constructors Canada Ltd.

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